Aboiboi’s MFP was implemented in May 2013. It is the __th village to be implemented. There are 60 members in the Aboiboi MFP group.



Aboiboi is located at 1°53'46.21"N, 33°46'20.33"E. It is approximately 30km away from Soroti. Aboiboi consists of four different villages (116 households, over 1,000 people), each of which is within 2.5 kilometers of the MFP.



The main crops are cassava, groundnuts, sesame (sim sim), and millet. The MFP is primarily used for hulling maize and rice.



Before the MFP was brought to Aboiboi, the community members would travel to Soroti (32 km, or 6 hours walking) to process their maize and rice, and to Katakwi (45 km, or 9 hours walking) to process cassava. In anticipation of the intallment of the MFP, Aboiboi began growing much more rice, which can be hulled and sold in the market.



Since it became operational, Aboiboi’s MFP has generated 100,000 shillings in profit (~$ USD). They also plan to begin a program to loan money to group members, with interest.


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